We Bring You The Power Of The Sun At Down To Earth Prices 

We'll Beat Any Nationally Advertised, In Stock Price On Our Same Top Of The Line Residential Solar Power Systems Or Your System Is Free.
With all of the financial incentives that are currently available, now more than ever is the perfect time to go green.


Solar panels and complete solar power systems including DC to AC inverters, mounting racks, solar powered refrigeration and cooling systems, batteries, charge controllers, cables, and solar powered water pumps. Residential solar panels from manufacturers like Suntech, Sharp, Shell, Solarworld, Sanyo, Trina, Kyocera and Mitsubishi Solar. Inverters by Xantrex, Sunny Boy, Outback Power, Heart Interface, Prosine just to name a few, at guaranteed lowest prices in the country.



Complete RV solar panel kits.






We're Your Solar Dry Camping Experts


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Bus Conversions


Wholesale Solar panels systems for homes and businesses


Spin Your Meter Backwards With Solar Panels For The Home For Thousands Less.


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Solar panel kits for cabins




Got The Perfect Getaway, But You've Got No Power


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Solar Power For Power Failure Protection



With heat waves right around the corner, it's now time to prepare yourself for  power failures

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Solar power for air conditioners

Check Out Our Home Solar Panel Systems that are specially designed to power your air conditioner !



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DC to AC inverters



We'll beat any advertised, in stock price on many of our most popular inverters or your inverter is free.

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The true cost of producing electricity from dirty sources of energy such as coal is measured not only in dollars and cents but also in the negative health impacts that it has had on the lives of millions of Americans. Solar power offers a perfect way of producing the reliable power that we need without harming us or the environment.

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